Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Little Tikes toys that last and last and last.....

I am a sucker for Little Tikes. I love their line of toys for outside play. We own the pool, which we bought for our dog Blue 11 years ago, and we own this playset the wave climber, that we got at a garage sale for $60.00,

the cozy coupe car we found at the bottom of someones' driveway with a "take me" sign on it,

the picnic table, we have had since Sean was little, and it was given to us by an old neighbor whose kids had outgrown it,

the turtle sandbox we got at a garage sale for $.50, the rocking horse,

and this push/ride on car were hand me downs as well,

and thanks to Grandma and Pa we have recently added the sand/water table. Which in our case is the moon sand table. All three boys have slept in the firetruck bed (actually a competing brand Step 2) which is about to go into storage until Scott moves out of the crib.

We have owned the tool table and some kitchens through the years, and have since passed them on. Currently I am on the hunt for a kichen for Scott.

I remember visiting a friends niece pre marriage, I had no kids of my own. This girl had the coolest dollhouse that was from Little Tikes and actually had scaled down versions of the larger Little Tikes toys. Now that I have kids of my own, they have stopped making that dollhouse. You can still find it and the toys on ebay, and at garage sales. Look at how cute these are, check some of these out. That's our picnic table, coupe car and I have seen that kitchen in many a playroom.

So I can't entertain my desire and easily acquire these toys, though they would be a great investment cause years down the road there will still be a market for the toys. Pending their condition you could turn around and sell them on ebay and probably get what you paid for them. I am just saying...

Lo and behold, I found in a magazine a review of this little diddy. The Little Tikes Turtle mealtime set.

The fork and spoon are a shovel and a rake.
I promptly checked the local retail stores, Target and Walmart, Babies R Us and Toys R Us, with no such luck I could not find it....Until I froogled ( and found it on . To qualify for free shipping I ordered three, gave one to my neighbor for her first birthday, kept one for Scott and figured I'd give one away. Leave me a comment about your little tikes toys and I will pick a winner at random on Sept.19th at 12:00am.

eta remember to either come back and check to see if you won or leave an email addy that i can notify you at...

Thanks, Suzanne

and the winner is....

congratulations Sharon

email me your address and I'll send this off to you in the mail...

you'll have 5 days to do so or i'll pick another winner at random...

thank you everyone for your comments.