Sunday, June 06, 2010

Designing Inside the Box

So I went to this lunch and learn recently about twittering, and social media marketing. It was a great event. @swaygrl put it together. It introduced me to more ins and outs of twitter and how to use social media to market my design business. I immediately became painfully aware that my old logo was not social media savvy.

Those tiny little avatars 48px x 48px made my logo look awful.

I am redesigning, so the logo will be more social media friendly. I will take the blue daisy out of the logo and use it in my avatars and favicons. Another example of a logo that is not social media friendly is Seattle's Best Coffee.

They just went through a major restyle.

They got some slack for it too. I understand why they did it though, and now see others that have already made the transition, like Dairy Queen

and Dunkin Donuts

Then it hit me, here's a direction to go with my design business. I can design social media logos, avatars, twitter backgrounds, graphics for blogs and stores. I can use social media to market myself and market for my clients as well. As I complete a new logo design or restyle I'll tweet about it, include it on my blog, pimp it on facebook. I'll start with my own, look for my logo restyle launch in the next few days.