Thursday, April 23, 2009

You can do this, Cake Pops.

Here's my attempt at cat cake pops. But i have to admit that the pink cats look like pigs? I love this site Bakerella, she came up with these ideas for cake balls on lollipop sticks and her creativity and imagination and execution is enviable. Here's a link to her blog, and the actually video of her demonstrating how to make cupcake pops on the Martha Stewart show.

I decided to try and make cat pops for Craig. as he's in the Cat class at his school. I figured blue for boys, and pink for girls. Here's how I made these kitties. Visit Bakerellas' site for more ideas for decorating.
Bake one box of cake mix according to directions and let it cool completely. A lighter cake mix works well with a lighter candy melt, as the darker cake mix will show through.

Break the cake mix up into smaller pieces into a bowl. Add one can of frosting and mix together. Think meatballs.

Once it looks like this. cover and place in the fridge to cool somewhat before rolling into balls.

Line a cookie sheet that will fit into your fridge with wax paper. and make your balls. I made 42 from this batch. Place back into fridge to set.

Here I melted some pink and blue melts and dipped the stick into the melt before placing into the balls. Then get a Styrofoam block and stick pops into the block so they don't touch. I added the ears which were white chocolate morsels, by dabbing a tad bit of the melts onto the morsel with a toothpick and then stick it to the ball. (sans the toothpick)
You can see them take shape now. Melt enough melts to completly cover the pop and dip the entire head in at once and tap lightly to remove excess. Place back into foam.

Here the pink is setting up...

I added eyes with white icing writer and nonpareils and the noses are mini M&M's. Aren't they cute? They each have their own look.

Package them with a cellophane bag or Saran wrap and a ribbon. Just to cute, great idea for a bake sale.

And they taste as good as they look.

(baby used for demonstration only, I did not let him actually eat the pop...teeth are required.)
enjoy and leave me a comment about how crazy I am to do these.
Sue daisy

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Star Wars Jedi in Training Birthday Bash

Some of you know that I have 4 boys. We like to do the birthday parties at home. The boys love coming up with different themes that I then plan the party around. Jack's 7th birthday comes first and his theme idea this year was a toss between Mario Cart or Star Wars. I thought Star Wars would be easier to plan around so I persuaded him.

The Party store stuff is pretty basic. This is where I hope this post will help you take it a tad farther. I did a quick search of Happy Meal toys on ebay and some really nice Star Wars choices came up, but they were pricey as Star Wars are big collectible items. I suggest you do a search on ebay for any themed party, just give yourself enough lead time for an auction to end, and the seller to mail it to you in time for the party.

Also on ebay, I came across some really cute cupcake toppers here, and got some Star Wars themed Pez dispensers. My favorite find was the star wars shaped candy molds. They had many choices, and we decided that C3PO, storm trooper and darth vader would be best. These are super easy to make and a great display for decor and take home favor. Just purchase some candy melts and follow directions on package. My husband made light sabers using pretzel rods and yellow candy melts that the children enjoyed with this recipe for Yoda Soda. 1 bottle lemon lime soda, 1 bottle of green gatorade, and scoops of orange sherbet. It looks swampy, and tastes yummy.

I then asked Jack what sort of cake he wanted and he asked for a Storm Trooper cake. So off to Google I went and came across these templates. Bookmark this site for later and print out three storm trooper masks. Bake two batches of cake mix. use a 13 x 9 inch pan, 12 cupcakes, and a 9 x 9 inch pan. I let cake cool completely and used one of the print outs as a template on the 13 x 9 inch sheet for the base of the cake, then iced with white icing. Then I used the second template to cut out shapes that would give the mask dimension. Assemble and ice with white icing. Use the third template for the dark black. Place the paper under some wax paper or parchment. Trace using a toothpick and melted chocolate melts. Once cooled invert and place on cake smooth side up. Too cool.

Here are those awesome cupcake toppers.

Now the theme of Star Wars evolved to Jedi in Training, when I came across this site of How to make a Jedi robe.

I purchased the fabric cheap at Walmart and was able to turn around 9 robes and belts in half a day. These really helped everyone get into character as a Jedi in Training.

I created the invitation inviting the boys to train, we came up with different tasks and missions, and a passport that kept track of their completed tasks.

As the boys arrived we played Star Wars music and handed out the masks I printed from this website, and mounted to bristol board with mod podge for added strength.

When everyone had arrived they were each fitted with their robe, and handed their passport for participation. I just designed this simple passport, printed it and "laminated" using packing tape. Punched a hole in it, enough string to wear around their necks and off they go. One thing, the tape made the corners sharper than I liked so I used my corner rounder from my scrapbooking stash.

First mission was to recite the Jedi oath. Once completed they got their first punch in their passport.

Once everyone completed mission one it was time to test their agility and complete an obstacle course through the swamp. They enjoyed this so much they did it a couple of times.

Once again a punch in their passport and they were awarded their light sabers, foam swords I found at the dollar store.

Now some training with the light saber, we blew up balloons and each had to try and keep their balloon afloat using only the light saber. This was a blast for them and fun to watch. They cheered each other on. Once they grew tired of this they got another punch in the passport and headed inside in search of the gold star.

All I did was blow up a bunch of balloons and put a gold star for each guest in one of the balloons. They popped the balloons till everyone had a star. I stuck the star to the flip side of the passports and gave another punch and they headed upstairs to the refueling station.

Here they munched on their light sabers and drank Yoda Soda. We then sang Happy Birthday, had cake, and opened the presents.

Once they were all finished with the presents we headed outside for battle. Earlier we had wrapped tinfoil around plastic Easter eggs, and then had placed two tubs that we had on opposing sides of the yard. If it rained this would have worked inside as well.

We divided the boys up into two teams and they threw the bombs at each others tubs, all whilst protecting their own tubs with only their light sabers. This was great fun and they imagined that good was vs. evil and just had the best time. When all the bombs were released, we counted up the ones in the buckets to see who had more, all got a punch in their passports regardless.

We then did the pinata. Poor Yoda, my Aunt makes these from scratch, balloon and paper mache. In hindsight we should have made it the Emperor or Darth Vader. Yoda did look great though.

So the party is almost over, I ask them to show me their passports, and I gave them a certificate I had made for each child stating that they were now Jedi certified. Each child also got a goodie bag with the candy pops, and a pez dispenser, they also got to take home their light sabers and robe, and loot from the pinata.

It was a great time. One very happy 7 year old, only 3 more parties to go.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No more excuses

My fall back excuse for not working out and losing weight is gone. I always thought why work hard to get in shape, I'm just going to get fat again when I get pregnant. I can't diet, I'm nursing, and need the extra calories. I have been pregnant or nursing for about 9 years. My youngest, Scott is six months now, my other excuse "it's OK to be a little chunky you just had a baby" no longer flys. He is our last, so now it's time to lose this weight for good. No more excuses.

Did I say no more excuses? I can't find time to walk with 4 children, and can't rationalize the expense of a gym membership or a purchase of an eliptical or treadmill for home. And though my family would love it if I thought that the Wii fit was the solution, I can't justify that we'd also have to buy a better TV to use the Wii. Oh, and we'd have to buy the Wii too. I don't want an audience when I workout either. But I can justify $8.00 for a DVD that I can watch in any room now that I am wireless and own a laptop, and away from curious eyes. So I chose Jillian's 30 day Shred.

Now we should set a goal. I used to say I'd like to have Britney Spears body, who wouldn't?

Then she had two kids and went and got mine. but after a minor breakdown, she had to get all skinny again. So I will set that lofty goal for myself. And, because I want immediate gratification, after all if I am to bust my butt and cut back on the food chocolate that I love I want to see results fast. Jillian promises quick results. All I would need is some hand weights and a mat. Hence 30 day shred, 3 workouts that take 25 minutes. You conquer phase one and move up till you master phase three and are "shredded."

Day one was April 6th, Scott and I watched the dvd. I did not do one move, but acknowledged that they were fairly uncomplicated, and could be done. I will start tomorrow day one, and 30 days from now maybe just maybe I'll look a little less like this Britney,

and more like this one.