Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Summer Experiment- who's got the best shakes?

So we are having a contest this Summer to see who has the best milkshakes.

We started at Chick-fil-A cause I was given a gift card by Sean's teacher and well, being a damn yankee, I had never been to a Chick-fil-A before. We truly enjoyed their chicken sandwich and hand spun milk shakes, and the bar was set very high. They have two sizes, and top each creation with an ample dose of whipped cream and a cherry. Sean had vanilla, Jack and Craig each had chocolate and I had to have the cookies and cream...Yum...

So the contest came about as I was trying to replace our outside umbrella and well, boys do not like to be dragged from store to store to shop for umbrellas in this heat unless, you promise them a milkshake! to Burger King we went because I had heard they had a nice size shake on the dollar menu...

The boys liked them well enough, though the vanilla did not taste much different from the chocolate, In fact after the indecision of my four year old, "I want chocolate, no wait I want vanilla, no wait I want chocolate"...well let's just say I handed him a shake and then he asked what flavor it was and I said, "what did you order" and he said, "chocolate", and it was vanilla but I let him believe it was chocolate crossing my fingers and saying a quick prayer under my breath, and fortunately he bought it.

So this one is funny, we stopped at McDonalds to celebrate Craig's success at his first round of swim lessons...and I asked the boys what flavor shake they wanted and they said to me that McDonalds does not have shakes. I was flabbergasted, those were THE shakes when I was a kid.

Shamrock shakes for Saint Patricks Day, delish! Replaced by the McFlurry. But I, up until now was able to convince my kids that they don't even sell shakes. OK I may regret this later, but we ordered them...They are not what I remembered, tasted very artificial. Sorry Ronald, but I do love your new Cafe' mochas!

So now to the place that compelled me to write this post. Another cleverly advertised fast food joint that I have never been to. Until today, Where they not only had shakes, but limeades and java frozen heaven. Yes, you know it well...Sonic

I am not sure if it's the novelty of the old fashioned drive up and order, which I enjoyed mostly cause I was not being barked at like drive thru window operators can be known to do? And we ordered a burger, popcorn chicken, an oreo blast, one vanilla and one chocolate shake and of course, since I have to participate, I ordered a java mocha, frozen. It was heaven! I will gain weight as the result of this experiment, but the kids are really enjoying the comparisons. Sean's even involved in the different costs vs. quality. Sean noticed that Sonic has Happy Hour from 2:00 to 4:00, all drinks (probably not shakes) half price.
Next stop is Steak n Shake....hand dipped, whipped cream and that cherry...

Leave me a comment telling me about where you get your favorite shake, and flavor. I'll randomly pick someone to get a $5.00 gift card to McDonald's. remember to include a way to reach you. Contest will end June 30th at midnight. We have our winner thanks for playing!

Misty...please email me your address and a I'll pop a gift card into the mail for you!



Misti Boone said...

Suzanne--you are too funny!

My vote is Jack in the Box! Yummy, thick and delicious.

amy said...

Interesting experiment. How much did the research cost? I'm sure that would keep the kids entertained (and sugar ridden) for a good couple of days.

Ike said...

Chick-Fil-A ALL THE WAY. We just tried peach and although it's got a funny artificial color, the flavor is good. There is not a live peach to be found in it!

(I can't believe you've never been to CFA..I think it runs in our veins)

Sam in Florida said...

Can I get fries with that shake?

Anonymous said...

Friendly's had the best shakes, I think they were called Fribble (Pete would know) but now I would vote for Steak and Shake for taste and large selecton of flavors but I never had a sonic