Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pouch vs. Can

So I just made lunch for the first time using the Starkist tuna pouches. It was very nice to not have to battle with the can opener. I did not have to squeeze out the oil/water the tuna was packed in. This tuna was ready to be mixed right from the pouch with a spoonful of mayo.
Long ago I went to a pampered chef party, and came home with the can opener that would not leave a jagged edge.

What a fantastic idea, until the first time you try and make tuna. The can opener does not leave you the top in the form you need it to drain out the water in the tuna can. So now I have two can openers, one for tuna, and one for everything else.

As you can start to tell, I am not a fan of can openers. I think they are pretty dirty. The memories of the electric can opener,

just crusted with food on a counter for who knows how long before someone cleans it. And it could be cat food, from before they introduced these pop tops.

I know folks don't always clean a can opener after each use, electric or old style hand held. So the cleanliness of the tuna pouch caught my eye. I was very happy, though someone does NOT agree with me. Someone does NOT want the tuna can to be replaced with the pouch.

My cat Daisy, she loves when I make tuna, and will come from under the bed covers at the very first scent of tuna. Today that happened, and well, no can to place on the floor with bits of tuna stuck to the sides for her to sample. The pouch just got tossed in the garbage, with all those tasty morsels still clinging to the inside of the pouch. One very disappointed kitty. Sorry Daisy, I am not going to get all full of tuna trying to open the pouch so that you can get to what's inside. Just like I'll never buy these cat food pouches, for that very same reason.

Pray sweet kitty, that the pouches continue to cost more per ounce than the cans do.

What do you think? can or pouch, and have you tried the flavors?



Amy Johnston said...

I hate draining the tuna, so I will definitely try the pouch even if it's a little more expensive!

Amy said...

I'm for the can too. It is recyclable and since I can rinse it out, the trash won't stink.