Thursday, April 23, 2009

You can do this, Cake Pops.

Here's my attempt at cat cake pops. But i have to admit that the pink cats look like pigs? I love this site Bakerella, she came up with these ideas for cake balls on lollipop sticks and her creativity and imagination and execution is enviable. Here's a link to her blog, and the actually video of her demonstrating how to make cupcake pops on the Martha Stewart show.

I decided to try and make cat pops for Craig. as he's in the Cat class at his school. I figured blue for boys, and pink for girls. Here's how I made these kitties. Visit Bakerellas' site for more ideas for decorating.
Bake one box of cake mix according to directions and let it cool completely. A lighter cake mix works well with a lighter candy melt, as the darker cake mix will show through.

Break the cake mix up into smaller pieces into a bowl. Add one can of frosting and mix together. Think meatballs.

Once it looks like this. cover and place in the fridge to cool somewhat before rolling into balls.

Line a cookie sheet that will fit into your fridge with wax paper. and make your balls. I made 42 from this batch. Place back into fridge to set.

Here I melted some pink and blue melts and dipped the stick into the melt before placing into the balls. Then get a Styrofoam block and stick pops into the block so they don't touch. I added the ears which were white chocolate morsels, by dabbing a tad bit of the melts onto the morsel with a toothpick and then stick it to the ball. (sans the toothpick)
You can see them take shape now. Melt enough melts to completly cover the pop and dip the entire head in at once and tap lightly to remove excess. Place back into foam.

Here the pink is setting up...

I added eyes with white icing writer and nonpareils and the noses are mini M&M's. Aren't they cute? They each have their own look.

Package them with a cellophane bag or Saran wrap and a ribbon. Just to cute, great idea for a bake sale.

And they taste as good as they look.

(baby used for demonstration only, I did not let him actually eat the pop...teeth are required.)
enjoy and leave me a comment about how crazy I am to do these.
Sue daisy

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