Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No more excuses

My fall back excuse for not working out and losing weight is gone. I always thought why work hard to get in shape, I'm just going to get fat again when I get pregnant. I can't diet, I'm nursing, and need the extra calories. I have been pregnant or nursing for about 9 years. My youngest, Scott is six months now, my other excuse "it's OK to be a little chunky you just had a baby" no longer flys. He is our last, so now it's time to lose this weight for good. No more excuses.

Did I say no more excuses? I can't find time to walk with 4 children, and can't rationalize the expense of a gym membership or a purchase of an eliptical or treadmill for home. And though my family would love it if I thought that the Wii fit was the solution, I can't justify that we'd also have to buy a better TV to use the Wii. Oh, and we'd have to buy the Wii too. I don't want an audience when I workout either. But I can justify $8.00 for a DVD that I can watch in any room now that I am wireless and own a laptop, and away from curious eyes. So I chose Jillian's 30 day Shred.

Now we should set a goal. I used to say I'd like to have Britney Spears body, who wouldn't?

Then she had two kids and went and got mine. but after a minor breakdown, she had to get all skinny again. So I will set that lofty goal for myself. And, because I want immediate gratification, after all if I am to bust my butt and cut back on the food chocolate that I love I want to see results fast. Jillian promises quick results. All I would need is some hand weights and a mat. Hence 30 day shred, 3 workouts that take 25 minutes. You conquer phase one and move up till you master phase three and are "shredded."

Day one was April 6th, Scott and I watched the dvd. I did not do one move, but acknowledged that they were fairly uncomplicated, and could be done. I will start tomorrow day one, and 30 days from now maybe just maybe I'll look a little less like this Britney,

and more like this one.


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Jersey Diva Mom said...

you're not going to get some cheesy hair weave though, are you?