Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's a Tiki Beach Party

Ok so since we've been in the new neighborhood, we went from one of the greenest yards to one of the least enviable yards on the street. So after hiring a lawn service, and doing some research on leveling lawns, we had 5 yards of sand and 5 yards of top soil delivered. So what do I think of?

A theme for Craig's fourth birthday party. Backyardigans Tiki beach Party. Kids love sand. Let's build a party around the need to improve our yard.
Invites went out of our plan. We purchased sand buckets, bubbles and trucks from Big Lots. I found some hula hoops, and some shells at Walmart.

And my Aunt made a Pablo pinata. We had a blast. Sun was out, we used our water tables, filled one with water and one with Moon Sand and played Hulabaloo.

And the next day, my husband spread the sand and topsoil, and we are that much closer to a nicer yard. Think outside the sand box.

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